L&O:UK drabble this time…

Written for Law & Order 100’s “inspired by a book” challenge

Title: Halloween
Flavor: L&O: UK
Rating: G
Characters: Matt Devlin / Alesha Phillips
Words: 100
Notes: I’m *guessing* Halloween isn’t so big in England….? (If it’s anything like Australia.) But hey, any excuse for a fancy dress party isn’t so bad?

“I can’t believe you’re making me wear this.”

Alesha couldn’t help but laugh at Matt’s Halloween “costume”.

“I wanted Elizabeth and Darcy, but you insisted on modern!”

“When I said modern, I meant Posh and Becks.”

“Tacky. You just want me to wear killer heels and a short skirt!”

He couldn’t stop fiddling with his jumper. “This wool is itchy!”

“Stop it! You wanted to win best costume!”

“If guv and her husband are Benson and Stabler…Ron is Sherlock Holmes….we’ll win.”


“Nice reindeer jumper Matty.” Ron chuckled as Ange took a photo…

“We’re putting this on the MPS website!”


Notes: OK… so this was more inspired by the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary (since I’ve never read the book!) but it also mentions Pride & Prejudice ;)

Another L&O drabble

Written for Law & Order 100’s “Tour” challenge

Title: Morning
Flavor: Mothership
Rating: PG?
Characters: Mike Cutter / Connie Rubirosa
Words: 100
Notes: Been watching a lot of L&O:UK lately, hence “Old Bailey” - the Central Criminal Court in England, where the UK version of Mike / Connie do their jobs……


He kissed her forehead, watched her smile and let out a soft moan. Connie wanted to stay in bed, cuddle, then order room service. But he sat up, reading something from his Blackberry…

"Back to bed Mike, it’s cold…"

"We’ve already spent the first two days of our honeymoon in bed…..I thought you wanted to see London."

She snatched the Blackberry from him. "This better not be work related. Jack reallocated all of our cases and divorced you from your job!"

Then she saw what he was browsing.

"Oh god, the Old Bailey tour?"

"What? I’m just curious!"