From L&O:UK 04x05: Help

From L&O:UK 05x01: The Wrong Man

Team Law + Team Order! :D


From L&O:UK 04x05: Help

Oh Matt, always the advocate for healthy eating….

From L&O:UK 06x04: Trial

More insight into Ron’s dietary state. LOL


From L&O:UK 02x04: Sacrifice

[At JT Medical Supplies]
Woman: Always wanted to do repairs, good enough for Kylie in Neighbours, it was good enough for me.
Matt: Wasn’t she a mechanic?
Woman: Hrm…I’d known you to be a Kylie fan.

Matt Devlin - closet Kylie fan. LOL. I love the *innocent* face he pulled as he looks over to Ron, hoping he didn’t notice.